We offer a wide range of services. At our notary you can grant a power of attorney, make a will, set up a company, make a deed of sale for real estate or a mortgage loan, enter into matrimonial agreements or any legal matter related to private civil or commercial contracting, with family life or with successions due to death.

We will study your case at no cost and advise you on the most convenient way to solve it, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of each option, as well as the final cost.

With our Document Management Department we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to handle all the necessary transactions immediately after signing the notary deed, such as payment of tax and registering the act at the appropriate Registry (Property and/or Commercial). In the case of urban real estate transfers, if you wish, we are able to process and manage the payment of the Capital Gains Tax. We will advise you without obligation.

In addition our Notary, Mr Salvador Alborch de la Fuente, was appointed to the position of Notary Public Archivist of the Notarial District of Dénia in 2009 and since then we have had custody of all the deed records for the past 25+ years. Contact us if you need a copy and we will inform you about all the necessary documentation to request it.

Below is a list the most common legal acts:

  1. Wills. Necessary documentation
  2. Declaration of Heirs Act (when there is no will). Necessary documentation
  3. Inheritances. Necessary documentation
  4. Power of Attorney:
  5. Notarial deeds. Necessary documentation
  6. Marital Agreements. Necessary documentation
  7. Contributions of privative property to the community of property. Necessary documentation
  8. Acts related to Marital Status. Necessary documentation
  9. Donations:
  10. Deed of severance. Necessary documentation
  11. Cancellation of mortgage or condition of termination. Necessary documentation
  12. Purchase:
  13. Mortgage loans and settlements in payment of debt. Necessary documentation
  14. Declaration of new construction:
  15. Segregation and division of properties. Necessary documentation
  16. Registration Proceedings, complementary to the Public Acquisition Title. Necessary documentation
  17. Formation of a company. Necessary documentation
  18. Bank policies. Necessary documentation
  19. Others: